Ensure the safety in scooter categories by using an equipment that prevent the leash from getting into the front wheel of the scooter.

It is obligated that used equipment have a length of at least 2/3 length of front wheel’s diameter and it have to be fixed to the frame of the scooter.

We want to inform that there are no requirements about the material of the equipment (it is necessary to be safe for dog and the competitor).

The correct securing and fixing of the equipment will be checked during the presentation as well as before the start of the scooter category.


European Championship - Czech Republic - 14, 15 et  0ct. 2016

Procedure for registration  (for the competition  +  booking meals)

Every nation is responsible for the registration of their athletes, who are aiming to participate in the European Championship, according to their criteria of admission (selection and / or invitation).These registrations have to be transmitted to the ECF secretary by the official document called  “Entry Form”.  Every nation receive the updated, official document “Entry Form”, which also indicates the bank details for the payment of the amount due for validating the registrations.

Please remind  that :
1) No athlete can register himself individually, every concurrent must pass by the national secretary / national federation.
2) The document “entry form” must be transmitted only to the ECF secretary (and NOT to the responsible of the organising country).
3) Athletes from a country, which is not in order with the financial accounting of the ECF (no payment of the membership fee), will not be able to participate in the European Championship.

This year :
The document “Entry Form” must arrive at the ECF secretary before Juni 30, midnight. Ifthenumberofthecompetitorswereto exceed600departures,aquotawill be allottedtoeachnation. This onewill haveto then send a newdocumentEntryFormsmentioning the athletesselectedin accordance with the quotawhichwas allotted to them. The timeofforwardingforthiscorrectiveandfinaldocumentis fixedbefore September 09, midnight.

The payments for the athletes (starting fees) must arrive on the bank account of the organising federation before September 20, midnight.

Thecompetitorsare entitledtoamealofferedbytheorganizer(Saturday evening). Againstpayment,theycanbookothermeals

The official starting list with all athletes and their starting numbers by category (starting numbers are lottery drawn by a computer-tool before) will be published on the ECF website on October 01.
This means that no athlete can choose his discipline according to the concurrence, because no-one is informed about the registrations before.

Remarks :
1)    Every dog has to be identifiable an in order with vaccinations. The European vaccination passport is only decisive for the dates and validity of vaccinations.Anti-rabies and kennel cough are mandatory.
An athlete can still change his dog on site, at latest during the vet-control (on Friday).
2)    Every athlete must also be able to identify himself at vet-control with his ID-card or passport because the date of birth and their identity will be controlled.

Dear athletes,

I am delighted to have the honour to invite you to our next European Championship in canicross, bikejöring and scooter with one dog, which takes place on October, 15-16, 2016 in Vysočina Arena in Nové Město na Moravě.


I would like to use this opportunity to remind you all of the ECF philosophy: European Championship does not only enable the best athletes to compete each other for the official title of the European Champion, it is also and above all meant for athletes who are not part of the elite but are used to taking part in this important sports event and happily follow their national flag. Let us also add the pleasure in meeting people from other countries and our love for dogs.


I just came back from the Czech Republic, where I have seen an enthusiastic and highly motivated team that organizes the event. I am sure that – thanks to their great experience – they will prepare a monumental championship.

The area is simply gorgeous. The race-track is hidden in the wild nature, 650 meters above sea level. The stadium is used mainly for World Championships, especially in biathlon and cross-country skiing, but also in mountain bike. There are huge stands, shooting targets, penalization panel, small bridge, huge parking lot and a small ski jumpnearby (we won’t use that…). There are snow cannons, that won’t be at work… but there is still a lot of snow in the forest protected by the trees, which does not melt during the whole summer. We will not see it, but it is going to be there.

There will be a big stake-out with showers, toilets, electricity (for fee) and place for washing bikes and scooters at your disposal all for free.

There are also hotels available nearby and in the distance up to 10 km. These are clean, for a reasonable price and are dog-friendly. The opening ceremony is planned, as usually, for Friday evening and the banquet for competitors will take place on Saturday evening.

I have discovered a fully-forested track: it’s breathtaking but also very difficult. It is, besides other things, not suitable for dogs and athletes who are not well trained, which applies to scooter 1 as well, as it will take place on the long track. If it rains, there won’t be any mud on the track. Start and finish are at the stadium in front of thousands (??? maybe) of spectators. After crossing a small bridge, the track goes to the forest and runs through it almost to the finish.

The paths are wide, which makes them easy to cross. The track is not very technical, but some curves are rather sharp. However, what’s important is the elevation difference: there are 4 hills; the last two are going to ache. The start and the finish are at a same level, thus the athlete loses the height he gains at first later. The descents are steep at some points, but mostly they are long and gentle, especially the one that goes to the finish (luckily)!!!

It will be really exciting and I cannot wait to see you at the race.

Great choice, only a real champion can become a winner on this track.

Attention: preliminary applications have to come through official channels to the ECF Secretariat of each country until June, 30. If there are more than 600 applications, we will need to set limits for individual nationalities.

I am looking forward to seeing you soon!

Jean-Pierre Talbot (Président ECF)